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January 1, 2005 15:58 - Hey! New Year...New Puppy. Listen Closely:

Did you bring a new puppy into your house this Holiday Season? Well I can certainly understand how you feel. We got our Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Last year for Christmas. He is now a thriving one year old and is the joy of my family's lives.

The beginning was not easy. I did insist on certain rules in the house and all turned out well. First off, whenever the puppy was awake, he was under constant supervision. Of course, this was during the early weeks.

My personal tips include…..

* Whenever possible, crate train, crate train, crate train. It's particularly perfect for small dogs.

* Keep your house picked up as if you have a baby around. Puppies find EVERYTHING on the floor! They can choke easily or swallow things that are dangerous.

* If your puppy is young when you get it (Ours was 8 weeks old), play a radio for her/him at night. My Indy was fond of the local Jazz channel.

* Start off with good habits. Feed your puppy according to your vet's directions. Now is the time to begin good habits.

* When the puppy is young, play with the dog for a small amount of time, then let him rest. Let him build up his strength over time.

* Socialize your puppy slowly. Don't overwhelm her right away. Let her meet other people and animals at a slow pace.

Lastly, give your new puppy lots of love and attention and your family will receive the same in return.

Don't forget: dog training

January 1, 2005 16:13 - Discover How To Pick The Perfect Dog Breed

Looking for the perfect small dog? Or do you prefer big dogs? Either way here are a few simple tips to help you decide if you are compatible with your favorite breed.

When choosing a dog, think about:


The size of a dog should fit the size of your home and yard. There are exceptions to this rule: Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs but do not do well in small spaces.

Small dogs will help keep the size of your food bill and your boarding bill smaller.


Some breeds shed more than others and some dog breeds need more grooming than others.

Child/Animal Tolerance:

If you have small children and/or other pets you must do some research on which breeds are good choices for your home.

Activity Level:

Are you active or are you a couch potato? This is an important factor when choosing a dog breed.

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January 3, 2005 09:16 - Top Ten Reasons To Spoil A Small Dog

Well you don't really need a reason to spoil small dogs but here are some anyway.

1. They give you unconditional love

2. They don't slobber that much

3. There are so many cute clothes for small dogs

4. You can take them in your purse just about anywhere

5. Everyone says, "Oh what a cute puppy" - even if they are old

6. They don't eat much so you can spend money on other things for your little dog (like jewelry)

7. You can give them the designer furniture you always wanted at a fraction of the cost of human sized furniture

8. Small dogs are easy to pick up and hug

9. They are easy to drive in the car

10. Small dogs are so easy to love

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January 4, 2005 11:01 - Do You Know Where To Get A Bundle Of Love?

You can find a small dog that's just waiting to love you at a shelter. Adoption of a dog is a wonderful thing. If you're going to get a dog anyway why not really help one out at a dog rescue. He may turn out to be better than any you could ever have bought. Who knows, he may become a star like "Eddie" of "Fraiser" fame. He came from a shelter. These dogs are just as lovable, just as cute and just as smart as any other. I would advise anybody to look there first and to tell their friends about it. Make yourself feel great and save a dog at the same time.

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January 5, 2005 09:09 - There Is No Better Time Than Now...

Yes now, to put your small dog on a weight loss diet if she's overweight. On a small dog one pound is a lot of excess weight. You have to help her by feeding her less calories. Just like us, she probably likes to feel full, so give her some vegetables as well as meat to help with that. You may want to try vegetables for a snack in between mels (Molly loves green beans).

Then there's exercise. Make sure your small dog gets plenty of it so that she'll burn those calories. Please try to keep your small dog's weight down to normal so she'll live a good, long, healthy life.

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January 6, 2005 10:08 - Imagine How You Would Feel If Your Precious Dog Were Lost!

You can prevent your small dog fro getting lost with the proper precautions.

Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Dog training is important. It teaches your dog to act in ways that keep her from getting lost

  • Keep an id tag on the dog at all times. It should include your phone number and an alternate number

  • Talk to your vet about a microchip

  • Take pictures of your dog often so you will always have a current one

  • Make sure your yard has a secure fence that your dog can't jump or crawl under or that your small dog can't crawl through

  • Condition your dog with a whistle or bell (Pavlov did). It would be good to blow the whistle or ring the bell each time you feed the dog. That association would make the dog come running when she hears it. My brother did this and it works great

If your small dog is lost search everywhere imaginable. in every place the dog could fit into iside and outside. Check with all the vets, shelters and rescues everyday. Leave the dog's picture at each one.

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January 7, 2005 09:37 - If You're Thinking About Flying Dogs...

or should I say air travel with your small dog...

One of the coolest things about having a small dog is how easy they are to travel with. A friend of mine takes her chihuahua on plane trips once or twice a year. She never goes on vacation without her pup. She is very organized when it comes to air travel with him and I wanted to share her best tips.

Air Travel Tips:

  • Always check with the airline on their rules and regulations on traveling with a small dog.

  • Generally they let crated small dogs fly with their owners in the cabin. This is absolutely the best choice over your dog flying in the cargo.

  • Try to get a direct non-stop flight.

  • Airlines usually charge under $100 for your dog to fly.

  • Book early, as they limit the amount of dogs on board each flight.

  • Make sure your pooch is comfortable in his crate.

  • Feed and Water your dog as lightly as possible, as they will not be let out for quite some time.

Happy Travels!

Info on dog car seats.

January 8, 2005 15:05 - Making your Small Dog "Charming"

Have you seen the adorable trend of dog collar charms? Well I am into charms in a big way, so I love including my pup! While they make dog collar charms in all sizes, they look especially cute on small dog breeds. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, in different metals and some even have rhinestones. Some have cute sayings and some can be imprinted on the back.

I am currently looking for matching ones for me and my Miniature Schnauzer (yes, boy dogs can wear them too). I can hang mine on my purse, key chain or one of my bracelets.

My sister's dog, Molly, got one in Disney World at Christmas time . It's Tinker Bell and she just loves it.

I have seen charms sold in retail stores, pet stores, and on the Internet. Check them out!

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January 9, 2005 11:14 - Create A Lasting Impression Of Your Small Dog

Not only are we crazy about our Miniature Schnauzer, Indy, but we are crazy about anything with Schnauzers on it. Ever since we got him, we snatch up all kinds of things. We’ve bought everything from notepads to floor mats with Schnauzer faces adorning them.

Of course, we feel there is just not enough out there with our favorite breed on the market. Sometimes finding your particular breed is hard. I’ve discovered a way to carry Indy’s impression anywhere. I found transfer paper that you can print on at my office supply store. We printed Indy’s digital picture on the paper and ironed them on t-shirts. It’s adorable! I think next time I’ll try a tote for the upcoming beach season.

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January 10, 2005 13:28 - Is Your Small Dog Bored?

Your little princess may be doing some things that are very unattractive simply because she's bored. There are some classic signs of it that I want to mention here.

They include :

  • Chewing

  • Agression

  • Lethargy

  • Barking and Howling

  • Putting on Weight

  • Other Destructive Behavior

Your small dog needs a purpose and reason for living just like we do. There are some things that can make it better for her:

  • Hide treats around the house and the yard

  • If possible let them run for 30 minutes a day

  • There are toys available to put treats in that challenge the dog to get them out

Keep your small dog happy !

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January 11, 2005 14:56 - You'll Start To Feel Better About Boarding Your Small Dog If...

you do your homework first. I recently took a three day vacation and had to board my little Jack Russell, Molly. There are two very good places near me. One is a more traditional dog kennel. They cage the dogs at night, but they have ten acres where the dogs get an hour a day to run free. They also get four to six walks as well.

The other place is a doggie day care center. It's an indoor facility where the dogs run around together all day. They do sleep in cages alone at night. They even have a room for big dogs and one for small dogs. The dog day care has some play things very much like a children's day care.

Molly has been to both places and each one has it's pros and cons. The main consideration for choosing the right place to board your small dog is the people running it. When you check it out, ask lots of questions. It should be a vacation for your pup as much as possible. She should have a good time while you are having a good time.

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January 12, 2005 14:44 - Pardon The "Expression", But Does Your Dog...

scoot on her behimd? Well mine does. So today Molly is at the vet getting her anal glands expressed. Gross, I know...but it's better than her scooting around the house.

The vet told me to add more fiber to her diet...which I did. She gets lots of veggies now. And that has definitely helped, although she still needs a good squeezing once in awhile.

The groomer will perform anal gland expression as well as the vet. But since Molly is a smooth coat Jack Russell she doesn't require going to a professional groomer.

Maybe one day I will get up the nerve to have the vet show me how to do this myself. But right now I am content to pay someone else to do it.

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January 13, 2005 14:03 - How One Small Dog Almost Became Famous.

I had a friend of a friend of a friend who was a dog trainer. She trained several dogs that appeared in commercials and one that even starred in his own t.v. show in South America. So I sent her a pictuer of Molly (my Jack Russell). Well the picture was very nice if I do say so myself. She was in the sunlight, a bouganvilla for the backdrop...and it was her good side. Plus Molly is very photogenic. But then again what dog isn't?

The woman called me and asked me to bring Molly over for an "interview". She liked the way Molly looked and was searching for a dog to do a car catalogue shoot.

She wanted to know:

  • Was Molly well-trained?

  • Was Molly socialized in various situations?

  • Did she take directions well from others?

  • Could she be calm under lots of surrounding activity?

I took her for the interview and she did pretty well. But you have to remember this was at the woman's house. The photo shoot was going to be at the beach. With lot's of people, seagulls and water to swim in...needless to say I was nervous about my little hunter in that environment.

Read what happened on the photo shoot tomorrow...

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January 14, 2005 10:09 - How One Small Dog ALmost Became Famous....Part 2

So we got down to the beach shoot at the crack of dawn. They had a hotel room for us and even room service for Molly. The star treatment was great. When it was Molly's turn to "model" she did pretty well. She was with her catalogue "family" and the photographer seemed pleased.

Until...a flock of seagulls swooped down. Molly took off like a rocket. It pretty much was downhill from there. She couldn't redeem herself nor did she want to. She wanted to chase and swim and hunt. The beach was so much fun.

And that was the end of her career.

Even though the director was pretty nice...he basically said, she would never work in this town again. Everybody has there fifteen minutes of fame...and that was Molly's.

Small Dog Info

January 15, 2005 14:04 - Wanted: Party Animals!

Your small dog is part of your family…why not throw her/him a birthday party. Your dog loves attention, so show him how much you love him and follow our birthday tips….

  • If your breeder or got your dog from one, get the litter together on their birthday.

  • Invite family, friends, dog park buddies. Just make sure you limit the number of invited guests to a number you can handle.

  • If you do not know your dog’s birthday, then use her adopted date!

  • Be careful of small children and the dogs you invite. Sometimes they don’t mix.

  • Be prepared for any doggie accidents, have rags, cleaners and scoopers at the ready.

  • Definitely decorate! You would decorate for other family members, right?

  • Have treats and a doggie cake. Just take note of any guests who may have certain dietary needs.

  • Have activities for the party guests. A child’s pool, lots of balls and pull toys are perfect!

  • Make sure to give party favors. Use poo poo bags as gift holders and include small gifts for the dogs.

  • Don’t forget to feed the owner gusts as well. They’ll get hungry too!

Last, but not least, relax, have fun, and take lots of pictures!

Dog weddings are fun too!

January 16, 2005 17:06 - What You Should Know About...

These small dogs before choosing one.


Color: White

Eyes: Dark Brown

Body Type: Low to the ground, very small

Energy Level: Energetic, needs some physical activity (usually get enough running around house)

Temperment: Stong willed, loyal to family, trainable


Color: Fawn, Black, Silver

Eyes: Dark Brown

Body Type: Very small, muscular

Energy Level: energetic, needs some physical exercise

Temperment: Strong willed, loyal to family, trainable


Color: Red, orange, cream and sable, brown and blue

Eyes: Dark Brown

Body Type: Very small

Energy Level: Laid back but still needs some exercise

Temperment: Strong willed, trainable, loves family

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January 17, 2005 20:16 - Urgent...

Our military men and women need your help with small dogs, big dogs and cats. They are being deployed without much notice and their pets desperately need a foster home until their return.

Please go to the website Military Mascots. You will find listings there for animals that need you. There are also other ways you can help. You'll find it all there.

Our service people are putting their lives on the line and the least we can do is help them with their beloved dogs and cats while they're gone. It's just the right thing to do.

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January 18, 2005 13:51 - Here's Something That Will...

Keep your small dog safe and healthy. Of course you wouldn't let your dog run out in to traffic, so please realize that there are dangers in your home that could be fatal to your dog.

Here are some of the drugs and chemicals to keep your dog away from:

  • Tobacco

  • Pesticides

  • lead (paint, batteries, etc.)

  • Kerosene

  • Liquid deterrgents (dishwasher also)
    • Asprin

    • Paint stripper

    • Antifreeze

    • Chlorine

      • Rat, snail or slug bait

      • Carbon monoxide

      • Phenol

      • Strychnine

      • Bleach

      • Lye

      • Gasoline

      • Furniture, floor or shoe polish

      • Toilet cleaner

      • Wood preservative

      Toxic houseplants:

      • Azalea

      • Bean plants

      • Cactus

      • Daffodil

      • Dieffenbachia

      • Hemlock

      • Hydrangea

      • Ivy

      • Lily

      • Crocus

      • Marijuana

      • Mistletoe

      • Narcissus

      • Nightshade

      • Oleander

      • Philodrendron

      • Poinsettia

      • Holly Berries

      • Potato leaves

      • Rhododendron

      • Jasmine

      Always check labels of a toxic product for instructions about proper action to take in cse y9ur dog does swallow them. Here is a poison control number for dogs. ASPCA Poison Control Center 24 hrs. 365 days. 1888-426-4435

      More on dog health

January 19, 2005 13:44 - You'll Never Have To Worry Again If You...

Have a first aid kit for your small dog. Just as you need one for yourself and your family, you should have one for your pup. You never know when you're going to need it and when you need it it's worth its weight in gold. An accident could happen anywhere or anytime, even though you are cautious. Your dog could also fall ill and wouldn't it be great to be prepared to help her until you get her to the vet. Don't forget to put a kit in the car.

We have a brand new page on our site that will guide you in putting together a great first aid kit. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

More on dog first aid kits.

January 20, 2005 14:55 - What You Should Know About Choosing The Right Small Dog Breed...

While viewing a certain huge dog show on cable TV, I was reminded of how I chose the proper breed for my family. Months before we made our family decision to choose a Miniature Schnauzer, we read tons of books, perused lots of magazines and watched several dog shows on television. Books and magazines do offer valuable information, but dog shows really help you learn about breed personalities, upkeep, and particular traits of each dog.

My last and probably best source of information was to get to know my friends and neighbors dogs. This might be the best source of all because friends, family and neighbors can tell you great personal stories and are usually "experts" on their favorite breeds.

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January 22, 2005 09:49 - Advice For SDSTS...

or small dog sensitive tummy syndrome.

As you know, we’ve had our Mini Schnauzer for a little over a year now. When we first got him, it didn’t take long to figure out that he had a sensitive stomach. I won’t give the gruesome details.

Indy went through a few food changes and treat changes. He actually went a long time with no treats at all. Even special made treats did not work. This made training a little challenging, because we felt he should be rewarded for good potty times and good obedience.

Well, as is the case a lot of times, my friend Pat (Mozart’s mother) gave me the best advice. Her family only gives Mozart his regular dry food ( like one little kibble at a time ) as a treat. I think it’s a great idea. It doesn’t change their diet and/or upset their stomachs. Don’t over do it and if necessary, adjust their meals so they are not getting too much food.

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January 28, 2005 11:26 - Top 10 reasons to buy a "shedless" dog...

10. Their hair covers a multitude of "sins" (ie: a few extra pounds)

9. You can take them to the hairdresser (groomer)

8. You won't mistake your beret for your toupee

7. You won't confuse your loafers for your warm, cozy bedroom slippers

6. The family won't be coughing up hair balls

5. A LOT LESS vacuuming

4. Your tile won't look like shag carpeting

3. No fuzzy black clothes

2. No dog hair floating in your morning coffee

and the number one reason to own a "shedless" dog is........

1. They Don't Shed!!!

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January 31, 2005 13:33 - So You Want A Second Dog?

Are you thinking of getting a second dog? Maybe you think another pup will keep your existing dog company. Read our tips on obtaining a second dog and do some research on your own as well. Ask people you know who own 2 or 3 dogs about their best practices and ideas.

  • A lot of folks agree that dogs do serve as good companions for each other.

  • Put some thought in the timing. It usually works out best if the second dog is younger than the existing dog.

  • Consider your current dog’s behaviors. A young dog will copy your dog’s behavior. This could be good or bad.

  • It is ideal to come close to size to your first dog when choosing your second.

  • Remember that your expenses will double!

  • Lastly, you’ll get twice as much happiness and joy from owning two little pups

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